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Three years after its debut Applied’s Critical Greens lands a couple of actual flavors

Applied Nutrition Actual Flavors Of Critical Greens

Three years ago, the well-established legacy sports nutrition brand Applied Nutrition, based in the UK and available all around the world, introduced a superfood supplement by the name of Critical Greens. The product doesn’t take an overly complicated approach and packs it exclusively with greens ingredients, 17 of them, including common components like barley grass, alfalfa, beetroot, parsley, kale, spinach, and celery.

The one catch with Applied Nutrition’s superfood competitor, Critical Greens, was it didn’t have any flavors to choose from, only a neutral Unflavored option coming from all of the nutritious ingredients. All these years later, the brand has finally rolled out some actual tastes, seeing the original Unflavored joined by a couple of fruity recipes in the traditional citrusy recipe Lemon Lime and the familiar apple-tasting Apple Burst.

Applied Nutrition is currently rolling out Critical Greens in its Lemon Lime and Apple Burst flavors in the UK and Europe, with the brand’s official online store already stocking the supplement in the extensions at a reasonable price of £14.99 (19.09 USD) for a tub of the usual 30 servings.