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Skinny Dipped flattered as Blue Diamond introduces its low-sugar Thin Dipped Almonds

Blue Diamond Thin Dipped Almonds Noticed By Skinny Dipped

Blue Diamond Almonds is an incredibly popular brand that very obviously specializes in almonds, with availability all over the country, in retailers of all sizes, small through to giant. Its latest release is something that actually dips into the health and fitness part of the world as it’s being promoted as a better-for-you snack. The product is named Thin Dipped Almonds, which obviously sounds similar to a brand we’re familiar with.

We had trouble seeing Thin Dipped Almonds from Blue Diamond Almonds and not thinking of the original dipped almond treat, Skinny Dipped, and its delicious selection of flavors. The names Thin Dipped and Skinny Dipped are not too far apart, and the product definitely got the attention of the latter. Skinny Dipped went and posted a clip on social media mentioning the Blue Diamond Almonds effort and somewhat thanked it, saying “our startup is VERY flattered that you liked our idea this much”.

Skinny Dipped does make some incredible dipped almonds as well as dipped peanuts and cashews, not to mention its addictive Cups and decadent Bites. The macros on the Blue Diamond Dipped Almonds are similar, although Skinny Dipped has the leaner competitor. For example, Blue Diamond’s Double Dark Chocolate flavor has 5g of protein, 6g of sugar, and 170 calories in 30g, whereas Skinny Dipped’s Dark Chocolate Cocoa has 4g of protein, 5g of sugar, and 140 calories in a slightly smaller 28g.