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Brain Gains drops an eye-catching Gold Rush flavor to match its top-rated status

Brain Gains Gold Rush Switch On

Brain Gains’ packed-out and premium nootropic supplement Switch On continues to hold the number-one spot on our list of top focus-enhancing products, and when you see the formula, it’s clear why. Despite being on the market for many years, Switch On has always been loaded with one of the widest varieties of focus and cognition ingredients out there, not to mention robust dosages, and best of all, together, they work perfectly.

The effectiveness of Brain Gains’ Switch On can not be understated, but the reason we’ve got it in the spotlight today is that it has put together a special edition flavor themed around its position as the number one nootropic. It was about this time last year that the brand dropped a custom shaker also themed around its status, covered in gold, and that is similar to the flavor you can now get your hands on, as it too has a touch of gold.

Brain Gains has created a completely new taste experience for the number-one-rated Switch On called Gold Rush, which of course, isn’t an overly descriptive flavor. Based on the few hints and clues we’ve seen, the Gold Rush Switch On appears to be a tropical pineapple recipe, and you can get your hands on it over on the UK-based brand’s website at £35 (44.61 USD) plus a free shaker, with the celebratory gold bottle being an option.

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