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Controlled Labs returns to the functional space with its peanut butter-based Demand Bar

Controlled Labs Demand Bar

Controlled Labs is one of the longer-running sports nutrition specialists in the supplement industry, offering effective products for all sorts of categories ever since we started the world of Stack3d a little more than ten years ago. You may remember, around five or so years back, the company entered the functional space, although not under its name but a completely new one with the self-titled brand and product, Venture Bar.

All these years later, Controlled Labs is heading back into that side of the health and fitness industry, and this time it is with a protein-packed snack under its own brand. The team has introduced the Controlled Labs Demand Bar, and it is one of your more common peanut butter-based products. While there are plenty of functional foods out there with this sort of approach, it does almost guarantee great taste and texture.

Controlled Labs Demand Bar

The all-new Demand Bar from Controlled Labs is already in stock and available for purchase directly from the same online store that sells all of its sports nutrition supplements at The product comes in the usual box of a dozen bars at a reasonable $32.99, as well as single bars at $2.99. There are three flavors to choose from in Cookies ‘N’ Cream, Smothered Banana, and Chocolate Peanut Cookie Dough.

The nutrition profile on a single Controlled Labs’ Demand Bar is a little bit better than most peanut butter or even nut butter-style protein bars, starting with a solid 16g of protein a piece, regardless of which of the three flavors you go with. The other macros filling out the snack are 12 to 15g of fat, 23 to 25g of carbohydrates with 4 to 7g of that sugar, and calories from 250 down to 230 for Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.