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Cutler adds two uncommon standalone supplements in Lactoferrin and Spermidine Advanced

Cutler Nutrition Spermidine And Lacotferrin

Cutler Nutrition has released two standalone supplements here in the month of June, and interestingly, they’re incredibly uncommon, far from your typical unflavored creatine, glutamine, or BCAAs. The products are named after their respective main ingredients, so you learn what they’re about in their titles. There is Lactoferrin and Spermidine Advanced, respectively, featuring, of course, lactoferrin and the rare spermidine.

Cutler Nutrition’s Lactoferrin comes with 250mg of the specialized protein, promoted for its ability to support gut health, immunity, and muscle recovery. As for Spermidine Advanced, that blends 10mg of its title anti-aging component and 90mg of vitamin C for cellular regeneration, mitochondria health, improved recovery, and enhanced stamina. With both supplements having only one ingredient, it makes them very easy to add to your day-to-day, essential health stack.

Directly through Cutler Nutrition’s website, you’ll pay $34.99 for a bottle of Lactoferrin and slightly more for the anti-aging Spermidine Advanced at $39.99. They both have 60 capsules a bottle, which works out to a 60 days supply, although you can take up to two a day, but that would then only last you 30 days.