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Dedicated does do things differently as promised in ZM-z infusing sleep-supporting Zylaria

Dedicated Nutrition Zm Z

The first of Dedicated Nutrition’s many new supplements promised a few months back is rolling out to stores and stockists this month with the ZMA-style capsule product, ZM-z. The reputable brand promised to bring its quality approach to the classic ZMA supplement, packing it with reliable ingredients and dosages. Now that it is available, we can confirm precisely what that breakdown is and everything you get in a serving of ZM-z.

Dedicated Nutrition’s ZM-z is, as promised, a ZMA-style product, and it does indeed have a rather reputable and modern twist to it. Firstly, the brand has packed it with 22.5mg of zinc from high-quality zinc biglycinate and 450mg of magnesium from another quality component in premium marine-sourced Aquamin minerals. Lastly, you get the supremely effective and well-rounded sleep support ingredient Zylaria at half a gram a serving.

We have nothing but great things to say about Zylaria, and that has been reflected by the sports nutrition itself, as since the ingredient has risen to prominence early last year, many brands have reformulated their nighttime supplements or come out with a completely new one. Dedicated Nutrition is rightfully putting it to use in its ZMA-style ZM-z, a name that makes a lot more sense knowing what’s in it obviously breaks down to zinc, magnesium, and Zylaria, whereas ZMA is zinc, magnesium, and aspartate.