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Ekkovision promises its most advanced formula to date in Joel Twinem’s signature pre-workout

Ekkovision Outkast Pre Workout

This past weekend Ekkovision released another stimulant-powered pre-workout, separate from the many it already has available, and it goes by the name of Outkast. The still young and growing brand is making a rather bold claim regarding Outkast, saying it is its most advanced formula to date. That isn’t quite expressing it’s Ekkovision’s strongest, but it immediately makes you want to see what it’s managed to squeeze into this one.

Ekkovision’s Outkast is another ambassador collaboration, where it has got together with coach and nutritionist Joel Twinem, and the result is a beasty formula well worth the statement of the brand’s “most advanced formula” to date. Interestingly Ekkovision and Joel have made it clear muscle pumps were not an area of interest at all in Outkast, with the focus primarily being on energy, mental drive, and better performance.

The formula behind Ekkovision and Joel Twinem’s Outkast pre-workout does reflect that goal, as you can see in the facts panel above. In the label, you can see the brand has continued to do what it does best, and that is pack in a variety of ingredients and ramp up the dosages beyond your typical product. Some of the performance components include the likes of beta-alanine at a sizeable 4g per maximum two-scoop serving, betaine anhydrous at a rarely seen 5g, and 400mg of premium SantEnergy.

Ekkovision Outkast Pre Workout Label

The stimulating side of the Outkast pre-workout is just as loaded with 5g of tyrosine and a heavy gram of alpha-GPC, commonly seen at 2g and 600mg, respectively. You then have 250mg of the potent eria jarensis, 100mg of CognatiQ, 300mg of another premium focus ingredient in Cognizin, and a combined 430mg of caffeine from anhydrous and zumXR extended-release caffeine. As you can see, Ekkovision and Joel Twinem have not held back, creating a performance, focus, and energizing powerhouse.

Ekkovision has put a large 60 servings in every tub of Outkast, but if you want the full effect and that maximum two-scoop serving, you will get half that amount from an entire tub, which is not bad as that’s the usual 30 servings. The brand launched the pre-workout in four flavors at $62.99 or $53.54 using the coupon “EKKO”, although, at the moment, there is only one flavor left in stock in the lemon, blueberry, and pineapple recipe TNattyF.