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Emrald Labs formulates another amino cocktail featuring all nine EAAs plus a bit of kanna

Emrald Labs Amino Eaa Bcaa

Emrald Labs down under in Australia is introducing a completely new amino cocktail this week by the name of Amino+ EAA/BCAA, which is distinctively separate from its other amino-based competitor, Recover-Aid. Unlike the previously released Recover-Aid, Amino+ brings together all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair, whereas Recover-Aid specifically features BCAAs plus some focus supporting components.

Amino+ EAA/BCAA doesn’t have the added tyrosine and alpha-GPC Emrald Labs has thrown into Recover-Aid for mental focus and cognition, although it does have a bit of something in that area in 30mg of kanna to improve and enhance mood. As mentioned, however, the primary point of Amino+ is the aminos, and you get all nine EAAs in this one at a combined 7.5g in a two-scoop serving, with 6g of that belonging to the BCAAs.

To make it a more traditional amino cocktail, Emrald Labs has packed Amino+ EAA/BCAA with some essential minerals and coconut water for hydration and performance to further support you through your workout. The supplement is available beginning this month in the brand’s home country of Australia in Passionfruit, Orange Creme, Mango, and Grape flavors with 60 servings a tub, but if you want that highlighted 7.5g of EAAs, that’ll take two servings, bringing Amino+ down to the usual 30.