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Creaming Soda and Vanilla Cola flavors come to both of Emrald Labs’ stimulant pre-workouts

Emrald Labs Creaming Soda And Vanilla Cola

Emrald Labs in Australia has three competitors in the saturated pre-workout category, with its premier supplement Pre Load, the stackable stimulant-free Pre Pump, and the hybrid fat-burning product Pre Shred. Both of the stimulant supplements have several flavors to choose from; in fact, up until this month, they were just outside of double-digit menus, including tasty creations like Sour Gummy, Bubblegum Grape, Kylla Pyhton, and Green Cordial.

For June, Emrald Labs has pushed both Pre Load and Pre Shred to a total of ten or more flavors, revealing and releasing two options that are now available for both pre-workouts, and they are rather unique in Creaming Soda and Vanilla Cola. Pre Load and Pre Shred aren’t designed to be used together, but you can combine either with Pre Pump, which comes in a convenient and easily stackable Unflavored, to seamlessly combine the products with a bit of extra pump.