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Latest G Fuel accessory helps you turn its signature supplement into an energizing slushie

G Fuel Slushie Maker

Innovation in supplements, functional foods, and beverages is primarily what we share and look forward to seeing; some brands get equally creative on the accessory and merchandise side of things, making things interesting from two separate angles. Gaming brand G Fuel, which we see on an almost weekly basis with special edition collaborations and limited-time tastes, has one of those accessories this week in its Slushie Maker.

The item is not overly complex, but G Fuel has customized it for loyal fans, putting its easily recognizable logo down the side and wrapping it in an eye-catching and neatly presented box. G Fuel’s Slushie Maker is exactly what it sounds like; a nifty little product that helps you make slushies. The way it works is you fill it with water, freeze it for a few hours, then mix a serving of the brand’s Energy Formula in your preferred flavor in a separate bottle.

Once the water in the Slushie Maker is good and frozen, take it out, pour in your serving of G Fuel’s Energy Formula, then squeeze the Slushie Maker, which is designed to easily break up and crush the ice, and create a classic slushie-style beverage. Obviously, any sort of supplement would work in there, whether it be another gaming formula or even a pre-workout slushie, and the price of the item is not too bad at $19.99 over at

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