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GNC is getting ready to ship orders via drone and drop them at your house with a parachute

Gnc X Zipline Delivery

Currently, there are several ways to get your order of supplements and functional foods from the major sports nutrition retailer GNC. You can have them shipped to your door on standard and same-day methods, and you can subscribe to have them reach you around the same day every month. Another feature is picking up your purchase at a local store which can be quick, plus GNC throws a reasonable 15% discount on your order.

Beginning this summer, GNC is introducing a whole new way of getting supplements to your door, or at least your property, by partnering with the next-generation delivery system Zipline. Instead of transporting packages to recipients in a vehicle on the road, Zipline uses completely electric aircraft that fly your purchase to your property, then, from a height, drop it in a suitable area with a parachute attached for a soft landing.

GNC is beginning its partnership with Zipline, specifically in Salt Lake City, Utah, shortly, and before you begin placing orders and expecting them to be dropped from the sky into your backyard, you do need to sign up and check your address is eligible through Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to head to, select your supplements, and have them parachuted to your house in an efficient and environmentally-friendly manner that reduces delivery emissions by up to 97%.

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