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Special edition flavors of Wrecked Enraged coming in July from Huge and The Tren Twins

Huge Supplements X Tren Twins Collaboration Announcement

Huge Supplements has built out quite the team of ambassadors over the last couple of years to where it has a roster of popular influencers, including the bodybuilding duo, The Tren Twins. More recently, the reputable brand released a collaboration, where it teamed up with another one of its premier ambassadors, in Oliver Forslin, for a special edition Watermelon Slush flavor of its original pre-workout Wrecked.

The momentum is continuing at Huge Supplements, as following Oliver Forslin’s Watermelon Slush Wrecked, a collaboration with The Tren Twins has been announced, and fittingly, it involves two limited edition flavors. The brand is planning to launch the flavors shortly, neither of which we can confirm, although one appears to be Cosmic Cherry; either way, they’re coming in the more intense pre-workout Wrecked Enraged.

There is no exact release date for either of the limited-time tastes of Wrecked Enraged, but Huge Supplements is saying they’ll likely be here sometime in July, putting them anywhere from three to seven weeks away.