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Impact takes on the competitive world of protein with a premium grass-fed whey isolate formula

Impact Supplements Iso Prime Protein Powder

Impact Supplements in Australia has taken its lineup into the category of protein powder, an intensely saturated and highly competitive area of the industry, introducing the premium whey isolate-powered ISO-Prime. The brand has kept its entry into the space relatively straightforward, not adding any extra components for things like enhancing muscle building or recovery, making it purely about providing a clean and lean source of protein.

ISO-Prime from Impact Supplements comes with a solid 26g of protein per serving, all from high-quality grass-fed whey isolate, with impressively lean macros everywhere, including no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, for an almost protein-only calorie count of 103. Those are the numbers for all five flavors of the product, which are OG Vanilla Lice, Banana Sundae, Chocolate Honeycomb Crunch, a unique Rainbow Ice Cream, and Double Chocolate Fudge.

Impact Supplements has put ISO-Prime into a common 2lb tub size which gives you enough for an impressive 30 servings, and keep in mind they have 26g of protein, not the usual 25g, essentially giving you 31 servings if you’re used to 25g of protein a scoop. The Australian brand is rolling out its protein powder into all of its usual stores and stockists across the country, with its website one of the first to be selling it at a reasonable $84.95 (56.33 USD).