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Levrone combines common pump ingredients for its stimulant-free Anabolic On Stage Pump

Levrone Signature Series Anabolic On Stage Pump

Levrone Signature Series from the legendary bodybuilder himself, Kevin Levrone, has a massive selection of supplements on the market, primarily in Europe although it does have a presence here in the US. One of the main reasons as to why it has an extensive line of products is the fact it has many different series, such as the Black Line, Silver Line, Gold Line, and Wellness Series, and within each of those are several supplements.

The Black Line is made up of Levrone Signature Series’ more advanced and complex sports nutrition products, the latest of which is something called Anabolic On Stage Pump. It is a stimulant-free supplement that can be taken before your workout or, as the name suggests, before you go on stage. The aim of Anabolic On Stage Pump is, of course, to improve and enhance muscle pumps, and it relies on four main ingredients to deliver those results.

Levrone Signature Series’ all-new Anabolic On Stage Pump comes with 3g of citrulline malate at a transparent 2:1 ratio, so of that, 2g is pure citrulline, then there is 3g of GlycerSize glycerol powder, another 3g dose of arginine AKG, and finally 1.5g of betaine. It is a combination of four common pre-workout or pump-specific components, all without stimulants, meaning you can stack this with a stimulant source like a typical pre-workout.

Anabolic On Stage Pump is available in Levrone Signature Series’ main market of Europe, including directly to consumers through its online store over at There are 25 servings in every tub of the pump product, so if you were to double for 6g of citrulline malate and 6g of GlycerSize, you’d only get 12 servings. Anabolic On Stage Pump is also flavored, with three options; Dragonfruit, Mango Lemon, and Lychee.