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Like A Pro adds GlucoVantage to help you get more out of its intra-workout Glycotrix

Like A Pro Glycotrix V3

Premium sports nutrition brand Like A Pro from bodybuilder Jeff Long is revamping one of its more specialty category supplements, in the intra-workout Glycotrix, which was already on version two. The new and improved Glycotrix V3, is mostly the same formula as its predecessor, maintaining all of the key points and highlights of the product with a few tweaks here and there for a slightly better experience and performance.

Like A Pro’s third iteration of Glycotrix still comes with 25g of premium carbohydrates for fuel from highly branched cyclic dextrin, or HBCD for short, precisely 4.875g of all nine EAAs to support muscle recovery, and the same hydration blend from its gram of taurine to the 95mg of premium Albion potassium glycinate. Where the changes are, is in the pump and performance section of the product and the absorption and uptake components.

In the pump and performance department of Glycotrix V3, Like A Pro has removed citrulline malate completely, kept the premium and proven Senactiv at 50mg, and swapped GlycerSize for HydroPrime glycerol, at the same 2g a serving. Then down in the absorption and uptake section, Glycotrix has carried over cinnamon bark, AstraGin, and TRAACS chromium, all at the same dosages, and thrown in 100mg of GlucoVantage dihydroberberine to ensure your body makes even better use of the carbohydrates.

As mentioned, Like A Pro has basically made small tweaks and changes here and there, but the end result is indeed a better overall Glycotrix, as fans would expect from a sequel or revamped version. GlucoVantage should help you get more out of the carbohydrates, a critical part of any advanced intra-workout, and you’ll be able to experience Glycotrix V3 firsthand very soon as the brand is currently preparing to make it live in its online store.