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Mammoth’s upcoming fourth protein will feature a blend of six different sources

Mammoth Protein

Mammoth Supplements in Canada, easily recognizable for its bright yellow branding, is a comprehensive company with products in all sorts of categories, including the highly-competitive world of protein powder. The brand actually has a few competitors in the space with the balanced and nutritious meal replacement Mammoth Meal, the premium isolate-powered ISO-Rush, and the hefty high-calorie gainer Mammoth Mass.

Despite having a strong selection of protein-focused products, Mammoth Supplements has announced another entry into the category that fits around Mammoth Meal, ISO-Rush, and Mammoth Mass with Mammoth Protein. The upcoming product is going to be the brand’s blend-style formula, bringing together a strong variety of six different fast to slow-digesting sources, combining for a total of 24g of protein per serving.

We don’t know what the test of the macros are filling out the nutrition profile of Mammoth Protein, but we imagine they’re within reason, as mentioned, the brand is no stranger to protein powder. Once again, Mammoth’s fourth-ever protein supplement is going to be available in its home country of Canada Shortly and likely the other markets it has a good presence in, with two flavors in Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream.

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