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MuscleBlaze’s second EAA cocktail lowers the dose to 6g for a cheaper overall price

Muscleblaze Eaa 6000

Indian sports nutrition company MuscleBlaze has been busy over the past few months, as it always is, with multiple releases back to back, and this month that impressive pace continues to roll on. Today the busy sports nutrition brand announced the launch of a brand-new product, EAA 6000. While MuscleBlaze already has EAA 8000, the new EAA 6000 is slightly different, featuring a simpler formula for a more cost-effective EAA solution.

As the name suggests, MuscleBlaze’s EAA 6000 contains 6,000mg of vegan-friendly EAAs for muscle recovery and repair, which is one of the key differences from the previously released EAA 8000, as that appropriately has 8,000mg of all nine EAAs. Also similar to EAA 8000, the brand has packed a few other components into EAA 6000, specifically coconut water and key electrolytes to support and improve hydration and performance.

MuscleBlaze’s EAA 6000 doesn’t include citrulline malate like EAA 8000 at 750mg, which is certainly not a lot, and far from the 6 to 8g we see in advanced pre-workouts, but again, it’s not present in the newly launched EAA 6000. The price of the second EAA from MuscleBlaze is currently discounted to ₹899 (10.95 USD) from ₹1,299 for a tub of 25 servings, so cheaper per serving than EAA 8000, as you’d expect with a 25% lighter dose of EAAs, and it’s available in the one flavor with Jamaican Passion Fruit.