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Walmart gets trial-size seven-serving sizes of Alpha Brain and Alpha Brain Instant

Onnit Alpha Brain Trial Sizes At Walmart

Alpha Brain is one of the most popular supplements from the active and sports nutrition brand Onnit, and there are many different variants, including stick packs, a tub of bulk powder, the compact Alpha Brain Focus Shot, and the original capsules. The pill option previously came in two sizes, a pack of 90 capsules, which is 45 full two-capsule servings, and then a one-third-size 30 count, working out to a trial-like 15 servings.

Onnit has introduced an additional size of its hit energy and focus supplement Alpha Brain in its initial capsule version and convenient stick pack spin-off Alpha Brain Instant, although it is an exclusive, being only available at Walmart. Joining the original Alpha Brain’s 30-capsule and 90-capsule options is a 14-count, which is just seven servings, or a seven-stick pack box of the Pineapple Punch flavor of Alpha Brain Instant.

The two seven-serving variants of Alpha Brain and Alpha Brain Instant aren’t anywhere near as cost-effective as the larger options for either supplement, but they’re a great way to go for those interested in experiencing the energy and focus-supporting products without committing to the heights of 15 or more servings. The price of the trial-size versions over at Walmart is exactly the same, either way you go at $14.98 each.

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