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Optimum Nutrition takes the fruit-flavored approach in its plant-based Clear Protein

Optimum Nutrition Clear Protein

Clear and refreshing protein powders are as common these days at sports nutrition brands as separate casein-based supplements, especially in the UK and Europe, where several have something available in that style. It’s also not just small to medium-sized companies getting in on the action; larger competitors are jumping in just as much, and that is what we have today by way of the international giant behind the iconic Gold Standard 100% Whey, Optimum Nutrition.

Over in the UK and European region, Optimum Nutrition is launching Clear Protein, a supplement that follows that refreshingly fruit-flavored protein powder trend, giving you a clean and lean source of protein but not in the traditional milkshake flavors. The product provides 20g of protein a serving, which all comes from plant-based hydrolyzed pea isolate, with under a gram of carbohydrates, none of that sugar, less than half a gram of fat, and a low-calorie count of only 90.

Most of the clear and refreshing protein powders we’ve come across rely exclusively on hydrolyzed whey, so it’s interesting to see Optimum Nutrition’s initial approach to the format being plant-based. The supplement is launching shortly over in the UK and Europe in a surprisingly small 208g tub size packing only ten servings at £24.99 (31.94 USD). On the flavor side, there will be two options, both keeping with the fruity theme in Peach and a classic Lemon Lime.