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Original recipe Chocolate Cookie Crunch returns to Jym fully transparent protein powder

Original Recipe Chocolate Cookie Crunch Pro Jym

One of the first-ever flavors Jim Stoppani and his premium brand Jym Supplement Science launched for its fully transparent protein powder Pro Jym, almost ten years ago at, was the rich and chocolatey Chocolate Cookie Crunch. The reputable sports nutrition company tweaked and changed the flavor throughout the years, but this month, it has brought back the original recipe and made it available in its online store.

Fans of Jim Stoppani and Jym Supplement Science can now purchase the classic protein powder flavor, Chocolate Cookie Crunch, in its original recipe, for Pro Jym at The price of the product is $39.99 for a bag of 22 servings or $69.99 for 45 servings, and it comes with the consistent Pro Jym formula and nutrition profile, including 24g of protein from whey, milk, and casein, 4g of fat, 7g of carbohydrates, and 160 calories.

To make the returning Chocolate Cookie Crunch Pro Jym even more intriguing, it is an inclusion-filled experience, as Jym Supplement Science has loaded it with real pieces of chocolate cookies, reinforcing the name of the flavor and ensuring you get a great protein shake experience to go with the lean nutrition.