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Orange Dreamsicle is returning to Primeval’s isolate-based Isolit for a limited summer run

Primeva Labs Bringing Back Orange Dreamsicle Isolit For Summer

Orange Dreamsicle is a flavor Primeval Labs has had available for its more premium, isolate-powered protein powder Isolit in the past, although, as fans will know, the supplement’s current menu is much slimmer than it used to be. In the brand’s online store, it has just three tastes listed for Isolit in Chocolate Milk, Diner Vanilla, and Fruity Cereal, no Orange Dreamsicle, but sometime very soon, that is going to change, and it’s being timed perfectly with the sunny summer season.

Primeval Labs has announced that its original Orange Dreamsicle flavor of Isolit, inspired by the classic orange creamsicle, is returning as a limited edition launch. The brand is also changing things up branding-wise and wrapping the product in the alternative label you can see above, featuring a mostly black design instead of mostly white. The return of Orange Dreamsicle Isolit will be back shortly, but again, for a limited time, so be sure to keep an eye on Primeval’s website and retailers.