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Melatonin gets a second supplement Quamtrax although this time it’s in gummy format

Quamtrax Melatonin Complex Gummies

The diverse supplement and functional food company, Quamtrax Nutrition in Spain, already had a melatonin product available in Melatonin Plus, featuring a blend of reliable melatonin, another common nighttime component in GABA, and 5-HTP to support and improve your quality of sleep. The supplement jams all of those ingredients mentioned into a single capsule serving, although recently, the brand has created another way fans can get better sleep that still involves melatonin.

Quamtrax Nutrition has debuted a second melatonin product that also includes vitamin B6, but none of the other components you find in Melatonin Plus like GABA. The critical difference with this supplement is it comes in always-enjoyable gummies instead of capsules. The gummies are in one flavor with Lemon, have just half a gram of sugar, and while you don’t get the complexity you do in Melatonin Plus, it is a nice change of pace to eat some gummies before bed than swallow capsules.

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