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Mysterious value-focused product for a familiar category is up next for Rule One Proteins

Rule One Established Category Teaser Image

Legacy sports nutrition brand Rule One Proteins, known, of course, for its strong selection of protein powders, is building up to another product drop, and as per usual, we have a teaser to share for that very product. Firstly we have the image above, which is intended to be a lead into the upcoming supplement, although, as you can see, it doesn’t include all that much information; in fact, it is just the number “1” from the brand’s name and some tropical bushes either side.

Thankfully, Rule One Proteins has been kind enough to pass on a bit more detail outside of the graphic, saying it is a completely new supplement, so not a flavor extension or anything along those lines. With that said, it is apparently for a category the well-established brand already competes in, which on most occasions is a big clue, but not here. Rule One has a presence in many of the major spaces, including protein powder, pre-workout, amino, functional food, and weight loss.

Despite the still rather mysterious and soon-to-be-released supplement belonging to a familiar category, it is said to be for a broad audience, so something many people will be interested in, and it promises great value. The first thing that jumps to mind is maybe a cost-effective, value-focused pre-workout, as we’ve seen from some other big brands over the past couple of years, although with such little information to go off, it is anyone’s guess, but we will have more soon.

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