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RYSE Fuel wins Clash Of The Cans and becomes the youngest energy drink to do so

Ryse Fuel Wins Clash Of The Cans 2023

The day has finally come, and we can announce the winner of our 2023 Clash Of The Cans, powered by Dynamine, which in the intensely competitive grand final, came down to C4 Energy and RYSE Fuel. It was the well-established beverage looking to take home its second title and become the second to do the double, or the fast-rising newcomer to earn its first crown and become the youngest energy drink to win Clash Of The Cans.

After receiving 1,000s of votes for each of the finalists in the Dynamine-powered Clash Of The Cans and combing through each of them to make sure we got it all right, we have our winner. Taking home the title and the heavy 5lb, completely custom cast Clash Of The Cans trophy is RYSE Fuel. It is the fourth beverage to ever win the energy drink showdown, joining the original C4 Energy, RAZE Energy, and Reign Total Body Fuel.

Ryse Fuel Clash Of The Cans Champion

RYSE and RYSE Fuel have indeed become the youngest to win our annual Clash Of The Cans contest, proudly powered by Dynamine here in 2023, and it was in one of the most competitive fields to date. We started with around 1,000 products, and the one left standing is RYSE Fuel. We deeply appreciate absolutely everyone taking the time to vote, as it wouldn’t work without you, and we look forward to Clash Of The Cans VI in 2024.