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Suplinx’ San Diego Sam discusses the fast-growing sports nutrition market in Japan

Stack3d X Supplinx Podcast

As always, we continue to put effort into our weekly Stack3d Supplement Podcast with weekly rounds up of all of the action from within the industry and interviews. This week we brought on a well-known name throughout the world of supplements in San Diego Sam, who has plenty of experience in the business working with many different companies over the years but has genuinely found his calling at none other than Suplinx.

Suplinx is a giant sports nutrition retailer in Japan, and some years ago, the supplement store brought San Diego Sam on board as its first American and completely remote employee. The work he does at the company is highly diverse, and one of the biggest roles he plays is bringing in international brands. Suplinx has become the go-to place in Japan to buy reputable imported supplements, with names like Gaspari, Redcon1, and Nutrabio, which are now well-established in the country.

This is primarily all thanks to San Diego Sam bringing his experience and knowledge to that part of the world, and it is that connection and process that we go through and talk over in our recent interview on the Stack3d Supplement Podcast. You can check it out on all major podcast platforms, from iTunes and Spotify to Google Podcasts and Soundcloud, and after a few requests, we’ve added it back to YouTube to watch as well as listen.

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