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Supplement Needs adds EAAs, ProHydrolase and AstraGin for its superior plant protein Vegan ISO+

Supplement Needs Vegan Iso Details

Premium sports nutrition retailer and reputable brand Supplement Needs has officially released its plant-based protein powder Vegan ISO+, which in the typical style of the company, is not your average competitor. The brand has genuinely put together something quite different for this one, and we’ll break down all of those details and highlights, and how they separate Vegan ISO+ from most other plant proteins on the market.

Supplement Needs has packed a precise 26.11g of protein per serving into Vegan ISO+ coming from pumpkin seed and pea protein, and alongside that are added EAAs, to elevate the amino acid profile of the product so it’s more in line with traditional whey. The other macros filling out the nutrition profile of the vegan-friendly protein powder are 3.8g of fat, impressively low carbohydrates under a gram, 3.2g of fiber, and 141 calories.

The adding and increasing of the EAAs in Vegan ISO+ is a great feature, something we haven’t seen before but appreciated nonetheless, but that’s not all Supplement Needs has done to make its plant protein powder stand out. The retailer and brand has also thrown in the proteolytic enzyme ProHydrolase to support and improve digestion, and Astragin to increase absorption and uptake for better overall efficacy.

As mentioned, Supplement Needs has closed out this week by launching Vegan ISO+ directly through its online store, where you’ll pay £39.99 (50.84 USD) for a 1kg bag of 25 servings, each packing that respectable 26g of protein, in two tasty flavors with Chocolate Peanut and Golden Wheaties.