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Swolverine adds flavors to the menu of its pre-workout, amino cocktail and protein powder

Swolverine Strawberry Milk Whey Isolate

While we are still seeing a lot of all-new supplements and completely new product innovations from the industry lately, brands have also been pumping out a lot of flavor extensions for various categories and formats. Swolverine is joining that list of competitors, expanding the menus of some of its already available supplements, three supplements specifically in the pre-workout Pre, amino cocktail BCAA, and Whey Isolate protein powder.

All three of those products mentioned by Swolverine don’t have many tastes to choose from, except for the protein powder Whey Isolate, which had four on its menu before the brand’s latest development. The tastes Swolverine has cooked up are Strawberry Dragon Fruit for the pre-workout Pre, to go alongside its previously lonely Mango Lemonade; Pineapple Passionfruit and Pomegranate for BCAA; and lastly, Strawberry Milkshake Whey Isolate.

All four of Swolverine’s flavor extensions mentioned above are now listed in its online store at but are not yet in stock, although that is expected to be corrected in the coming months.