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Think puts an extra layer of sweetness in its more moderate protein snack Sweet Treat

Think Sweet Treat Protein Bar

The functional specialist Think from the nutrition giant Glanbia, which also owns Optimum Nutrition, BSN, and Body & Fit in Europe, has a mouthwatering new snack on its hands named Think Sweet Treat. From what we understand, the product is similar to the original Think High Protein Bar but with a sweet and tasty twist, where there is an extra layer between the main body and outer coating to provide that sweeter taste.

We haven’t tried Think’s newest protein snack, Think Sweet Treat, ourselves, although the name, description, and images we’ve seen do indeed suggest the functional innovator is shooting for something that differs when it comes to flavor. This is also reflected in the macros, as the brand doesn’t have as much protein in Sweet Treat as High Protein Bar at 15g, and with less protein typically comes better taste and texture overall.

The complete nutrition profiles of Think Sweet Treat, beyond that still rather robust 15g of protein a bar, includes 24g of carbohydrates with only a gram of that sugar, 9g of fat, and a calorie count of 220. There are two flavors out on the market as we write this, found on Amazon as well as Think’s own online store, and those flavors are both heavily dessert-themed with Boston Crème Pie and Chocolate and Crème Cupcake

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