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Summer-suited flavor Coconut comes to the menu of All Stars’ mainstream protein powder

All Stars Coconut Whey Protein

As we find ourselves amidst the thrills of summer, we can’t help but be taken by the wave of brand-new launches themed around the spirit of the season. German brand All Stars is no exception, releasing an exotic tropical Coconut flavor of its mainstream level Whey Protein that adds a refreshing twist to your protein shake. The new extension is clearly drastically different from your traditional tastes like Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cookies & Cream.

All Stars keeps Whey Protein’s usually strong nutrition profile intact for its summer Coconut extension, with each serving packing 22.8g of protein, from whey concentrate and isolate, 3g of carbohydrates, 1.8g of fat, and a calorie count of 120. Fans can head over to All Stars’ official online store to get their hands on the Coconut Whey Protein, where the brand has small 400g tubs providing about 13 servings, currently discounted to €16.99 (18.90 USD).

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