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Alpha Lion turns Alien Ooze into a flavor of its fat-burning pre-workouts for July

Alpha Lion Alien Ooze Superhuman Burn

This coming Monday, Alpha Lion is hitting fans with the latest entry in its long-running, and at this point, undeniably reliable, Pre-Workout Of The Month Series, where it drops a limited-time taste for two of its many pre-workout supplements every month. The monthly part of the series is what makes it so impressive, as we see brands rolling out new and temporary flavors all the time, but none doing it as consistently as Alpha Lion does right at the beginning of every month, and it’s done this for a few years.

The flavor Alpha Lion has been in the lab crafting for the month of July is Alien Ooze, featuring a fitting eerie label design and sour green melon taste. As mentioned, the brand is launching the flavor on Monday through its online store at in its two hybrid fat-burning pre-workouts, Superhuman Burn Extreme and Superhuman Burn Stim-Free. To further support the launch, Alpha Lion is going to have freebies for the first 200 orders of its VIP bundle, although you do need to be on its VIP list to gain access.