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Fresh new brand ALT centers itself around a refreshing fruit-flavored protein powder

Alt Clear Protein

Clear and refreshing fruit-flavored protein powder has come a long way from the trend it started as, to now being a permanent part of brands’ lineups, and in several cases, it’s what some brands are all about. There are many supplement companies out there on the market built around clear protein powder and a nice variety of refreshing flavors, and that is precisely the case for the up-and-coming ALT from Sarah Ainsley Harrison.

ALT is a brand that recently hit the market in Canada, and it’s started with a single supplement named Clear Protein, which, as mentioned, follows the refreshing style of protein powder available only in fruity flavors, not the traditional milkshake tastes like chocolate and vanilla. The formula driving the product is clean and simple, with 21g of protein a serving from premium grass-fed whey isolate with 2g of carbohydrates, zero sugar, no fat, and a calorie count of 100.

Alt Clear Protein

The flavors making up the menu of ALT’s protein powder Clear Protein are where all of the focus is, and the newcomer has certainly delivered in that area, debuting the supplement in four refreshing creations. Each of the options gives you an idea of its experience in its name, starting with Cherry Vanilla, another two-part recipe in Watermelon Strawberry, Passionfruit, and Tropical Punch, which is a blend of pineapple and mango.

You can get a closer look at the fast-growing ALT and its only product, Clear Protein, through its website at Over there, you can purchase any of the four flavors of the protein powder at a premium $64.99 (49.36 USD) for a 1.6lb tub of 25 servings. The brand has already managed to build strong distribution, partnering with retailers across the country, including Supplements Canada which sells Clear Protein for the same as its website.