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Growing newcomer Arctic Berg makes a coffee and infuses it with nootropic ingredients

Arctic Berg Nutrition Crystallo

Arctic Berg Nutrition is a young and growing supplement company out of the UK and already covers a few of the mainstream categories, such as pre-workout with Articus and the more potent Polar Bear Juice, and weight loss with Cryo-Shred. Instead of continuing down that path, the brand is taking on a very different area of the industry with its fourth-ever product, introducing the creative, functional coffee beverage Crystallo.

Crystallo from Arctic Berg Nutrition is, as mentioned, a functional coffee, combining premium instant coffee with functional ingredients suitable for use alongside coffee. The brand hasn’t put much into the supplement, pairing the instant coffee with a solid dose of the nootropic mushroom lion’s mane at 750mg a serving and 150mg of bacopa. Crystallo is essentially a traditional coffee drink enhanced with two key ingredients to elevate mental focus, clarity, memory, and cognition, and reduce stress.

Arctic Berg Nutrition’s Crystallo is, again, primarily made with premium instant coffee, and that is the taste you get on this one, and it can be enjoyed like a traditional cup of coffee too, where you mix it with hot water and stir until dissolved. The brand added the product to its online store just this week, and through there, you can get it at the reasonable price of £18.99 (24.82 USD) for a full-size bottle of about 20 servings.