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Atomic Labz brings its packed-out approach to Shield for comprehensive organ support

Atomic Labz Shield

Up-and-coming supplement company Atomic Labz in the UK, which entered the highly competitive pre-workout category earlier this year, is about to jump into another part of the industry, although this one is not quite as saturated. Shield is the next product from the growing brand, for the health and wellness side of its catalog, being designed specifically to support and improve overall organ health with a strong set of ingredients.

We’ve got the lengthy list of components filling out a five-tablet serving of Atomic Labz’ upcoming Shield, and it is robust; as mentioned, a serving is five tablets, with everything in there for organ health. The formula includes astragalus and cordyceps for kidney support, coQ10 and hawthorn berry for cholesterol, and half a gram of NAC, turmeric, a hefty 800mg of premium TUDCA, and glutathione for complete liver support.

Atomic Labz Shield Label

While all of those ingredients mentioned do add up, that’s not where the story ends for Atomic Labz and Shield, as it also comes with paw palmetto for prostate health, citrus bergamot for blood pressure, and a variety of features for skin, such as coconut oil and selenium. If you’ve seen the formulas the brand has packed into its other supplements, you’ll know a loaded set of ingredients was to be expected, although it’s still great to see considering how specialized organ health products are.

Shield is expected to be hitting Atomic Labz’ online store at any day now, going alongside its original amino cocktail Restore EAA/BCAA, and the pre-workout Nucleus also packing some nice highlights like 8g of citrulline malate. We’re not sure about the price of Shield; however, with the comprehensive formula, don’t be surprised if this sits higher than Restore and Nucleus £31.99 and £37.99, respectively.