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Aware Nutrition signs itself up to the growing sub-category of clear and refreshing protein powder

Aware Nutrition Clear Whey

We’ve continued to mention weekly, or essentially every time this type of supplement has come up, that clear and refreshing protein powders have become much more than a trend; they’re catching on as quickly as plant-based protein back during its rise in popularity. Today we’ve got another one getting in on the sub-category, and like most of the competitors taking this approach, it is a brand from Europe in Aware Nutrition.

Sweden’s well-established Aware Nutrition has revealed and is releasing shortly, Clear Whey. It is a premium hydrolyzed whey isolate-based protein powder providing a lean 88% protein, which works out to an impressive 26.8g in a relatively typical 30g serving. With such a high protein count and absolutely no sugar or fat, that leaves next to no room for anything else, meaning a low carbohydrate count and, of course, low calories.

One of the critical points of a clear and refreshing protein powder is they don’t come in traditional tastes like chocolate, vanilla, and cookies; instead, they have fruity flavors, and that is certainly the case with Aware Nutrition’s upcoming Clear Whey. The Swedish sports nutrition brand is launching its alternative protein to go alongside its five other competitors in the category, in two refreshing tastes, with Strawberry and Pineapple.