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Axe and Sledge grows its health and wellness side with Heart+ and Liver+

Axe And Sledge Heart And Liver

Health and wellness-style supplements have seen a huge uptick in interest from sports nutrition brands these last few years. This is where you get products that are more focused on supporting areas of health outside of the gym and traditional types like pre-workout, amino, and protein powder. It’s become more than a trend, with brands putting together entire wellness lines, and that’s what we’re getting in the latest from Axe and Sledge.

There are already several health and wellness type supplements available from Axe and Sledge, with the likes of Greens+, the detoxification formula Daily Cleanse, and Elbow Grease for joint support. Joining that side of the brand is Heart+ and Liver+; the former is for heart function, oxidative stress, inflammation, blood pressure, and cholesterol, and the latter is for comprehensive organ health, improving liver and immune function, backed by premium ingredients.

The formula behind Axe and Sledge’s Heart+ has a variety of vitamin, a one-gram dose of Rejuna arjuna, citrus bergamot, turmeric, grape seed, olive leaf, coQ10, and BioPerine for better absorption. Then for Liver+, you get a gram each of milk thistle and n-acetyl-l-cysteine, 250mg each of picrorhiza kurroa root and premium TUDCA, and AstraGin for better absorption.

Axe and Sledge’s Heart+ and Liver+ aren’t as loaded as we’ve seen from a few other known sports nutrition specialists, but they’re still well put together and have plenty to offer support in the specific areas they’re targeting. Both of the health and wellness products are going live on the brand’s website at precisely 8PM Eastern Time tonight, with price points similar to some of its other supplements.