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BetterBrand introduces a bun with a leaner nutrition profile than most protein bars

Betterbrands The Better Bun

BetterBrand is a functional food company that previously had only one type of product available in The Better Bagel, which is simply a bagel providing significantly better macros than a traditional one. Like all good functional innovations, The Better Bagel is packed with more protein and lower carbohydrates while still offering a great eating experience, and now the creative brand has brought that approach to another familiar food.

The Better Bagel is no longer BetterBrand’s only product, as it has been joined by the similarly minded bakery-inspired food, The Better Bun. As the name suggests, The Better Bun is a better-for-you bun, aiming to provide the same kind of soft and fluffy food but with significantly lower macros. There are three flavors or variants of the item in The Brioche, the sweet-tasting The Pretzel, and The Sesame, topped with sesame seeds.

Betterbrands The Better Bun

The different options of BetterBrand’s The Better Bagel are all made with the same main ingredients, including wheat protein isolate, erythritol, modified wheat starch, and chicory root. As for the nutrition profile, as mentioned, it is far superior to your traditional buns, whether you’re talking brioche or sesame, with 20g of protein a piece, 3 to 5g of fat, 36 to 38g of carbohydrates, only 4g of that net carbs, and 140 to 160 calories.

Those numbers are impressive, as most protein bars have around 20g of protein but calories more in the range of 200 to 220. The Better Bagel from BetterBrand clearly leaves that in the dust, giving you that classic 20g of protein and an overall calorie count closer to a protein powder than a protein bar. The price of the product is reasonable despite its uniqueness, at $20.40 for eight buns, a pack of 12 for the same value at $30.60, or the best way to save in the 16 count at $39.10, which is $2.44 each.