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BioSteel turns the classic cherry and lime recipe into a temporary flavor Hydration Mix

Biosteel Cherry Lime Hydration Mix

A Flash Flavor is BioSteel’s name for a taste that is available for a limited time, typically for its signature sports nutrition supplement, the hydration and performance-supporting Hydration Mix. We’ve seen the brand pump these out on numerous occasions, and they do tend to be somewhat creative, with the last one we saw from the popular BioSteel coming just last month in a sweet and citrusy Pineapple Yuzu, once again, for Hydration Mix and it’s convenient stick packs.

To close out the month of July, BioSteel has another Flash Flavor; although while Pineapple Yuzu was a bit more on the creative side, not being something you typically see available for a sports nutrition product, the brand’s latest effort is a common one. BioSteel has gone with the classic cherry and lime combination this time around in a Flash Flavor named Cherry Lime, and it’s available now at in Hydration Mix single serving stick packs at $29.99 for a box of 24.

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