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BlenderBottle shares details on its Color Rush Series with more bottles, colors and drops

Blenderbottle Color Rush Series

Color Rush is a creative collection of shakers from the bottle brand BlenderBottle, although it’s a little more than your typical drop of a bunch of products. Color Rush is a fast-moving family of limited-time options for many of the company’s wide selection of shakers. It’s similar to BlenderBottle’s past and long-running Color Of The Month Series, where every month, it drops a special edition color of its original Classic bottle.

As mentioned, BlenderBottle’s Color Rush Series is a fast-moving collection of colors, and by fast-moving, we mean that it’s going to bring the launch of new options much quicker than once a month. The legacy shaker bottle brand has shared a roadmap of the rollout, including a Hot Shot color of the premium Strada Tritan BlenderBottle this coming Thursday, and a green and blue flavor called Skyhook for the brand’s Classic bottle.

BlenderBottle promotes its Color Rush Series as “More bottles. More colors. More drops”, and as you can read above, that is indeed the case. The company is really pushing the idea of each of the releases being incredibly limited, so it doesn’t sound like there will be many units available. You can check out the Color Rush roadmap for yourself over at, and you can look forward to the first drop Thursday of next week.

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