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Cherry Limeade to make it five flavors for Ghost’s potent pre-workout Legend All Out

Cherry Limeade Ghost Legend All Out

Legend All Out is Ghost’s more high-powered spin-off of its original stimulant-backed pre-workout Legend, and it is a full-on experience offering a more robust blend of benefits with higher efficacy in a few areas, especially energy and focus. The supplement is packed full of highlights such as 3.2g of beta-alanine to drive performance, 600mg of alpha-GPC for enhanced focus, 6g of pure citrulline, including 1.48g from NO3-T citrulline nitrate, and a potent and combined 400mg of caffeine.

While it didn’t make its debut in all of these flavors, the harder-hitting Ghost pre-workout currently has four tastes to choose from in authentic Bubblicious Strawberry Splash and Warheads Sour Green Apple, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ Ooze, and a classic Blue Raspberry. This week, the original lifestyle supplement company has announced another taste for Legend All Out in Cherry Limeade, making it five flavors for the pre-workout, and it is launching soon, exactly one week from tomorrow.