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Delicious Dessert relaunched at CNP with 23g of protein in every mousse-like serving

Cnp Dessert Revamped

Legacy sports nutrition brand CNP in the UK has reworked and relaunched a classic protein supplement that goes by the name of Dessert, as it is precisely that, a powder to create your own high-protein dessert or mousse. The product is made with milk concentrate and premium native whey isolate to provide 23g of protein hidden inside a delicious, creamy, sweet, and smooth guilt-free dessert in four flavors.

CNP’s revamped Dessert keeps the other macros around that 23g of protein relatively low and lean, with the rich and classic Chocolate flavor providing 2.5g of carbohydrates, 1.4g of that sugar, an equal 2.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 130. As mentioned, there are four tasty options to choose from, and the other three going alongside Chocolate are Strawberry, Vanilla, and the Specualoos-inspired Biscuit Spread.

While Dessert is intended to be enjoyed slightly differently from your traditional protein shake, the preparation is much the same, with CNP directing users to mix it up in a shaker bottle and then pour it into a bowl, or you could go the other way, which is how we typically do protein sludge, and this is put it in a bowl with water, then stir. The protein-packed Dessert is available on the brand’s website at £19.99 (25.41 USD) a bag, which isn’t much, although that bag only has ten servings.