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Core teases its next authentic flavor collaboration for its pre-workouts Fury and Pump

Core Nutritionals Mystery Cotton Candy Collaboration

The Moose Tracks Ice Cream flavors of the delicious protein pudding-making protein powder Core Pudd’n are Core Nutritionals’ first-ever authentic flavor collaborations. Those tasty creations are Original Moose Tracks Ice Cream and Chocolate Moose Tracks Ice Cream, and they are indeed incredibly delicious, loaded with inclusions like peanut butter cups and fudge. The reputable brand is getting ready to announce a completely separate authentic partnership and has shared the teaser above.

Core Nutritionals is keeping fans guessing by not providing any real hints or clues, only an image featuring pink and blue accented tubs of its packed-out pre-workouts, Core Fury Version 2 and Core Pump, surrounded by pink fluffy clouds. Based on what little bits of details are in the teaser, it sounds like Core Nutritionals has created some sort of cotton candy flavor, and the fact that it’s a collaboration would mean it’s teamed up with another company potentially known for its cotton candy.

There is definitely a lot of information missing for Core Nutritionals’ upcoming authentic collaboration, although the good news is we’re not going to be waiting too long. The brand plans on revealing whatever taste it has cooked up for Core Fury Version 2 and Core Pump sometime next week, and we’ll be sure to share everything as soon as we can.