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Classic carnival flavor arrives on Amazon for Protein2o’s caffeinated protein drink

Cotton Candy Protein20 Energy

Protein2o is a functional company that has taken the approach of clear and refreshing protein supplementation a few steps beyond the typical protein powder format, which we’ve seen a lot of from sports nutrition competitors. Protein2o’s signature product is an RTD with a fruity twist giving you 15g of protein and 60 to 70 calories in sweet and refreshing flavors like Peach Mango, Harvest Grape, and the two-part recipe Dragonfruit Blackberry.

As mentioned, Protein2o takes things a bit further, and by that, we weren’t referring to its fruit-flavored protein RTDs. The brand has a Plus series of products where you get that same combination of protein and refreshing flavor with added electrolytes or caffeine. There is Protein2o + Electrolytes with 15 to 20g of protein a bottle and hydration-supporting electrolytes, and Protein2o + Energy with 15g of protein and 125mg of caffeine.

Both of those alternatives have several flavors to choose from, although beginning this month, there is another taste on the menu of Protein2o’s uplifting protein RTD, Protein2o + Energy. Joining the already available Cherry Lemonade and classic Blue Raspberry is a more uncommon Cotton Candy. The product has shown up first over on Amazon, where you’ll pay $25.99 for a case of a dozen bottles, each with 15g of protein from whey isolate, just 2g of carbohydrates, 70 calories, and an energizing 125mg of caffeine.

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