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ESN’s alternative to traditional canola oil comes in a bottle that limits each spray to 250 microliters

Esn Canola Oil Spray

Major German brand ESN has released an alternative to your traditional cooking oil spray that doesn’t have any functional benefits or extras like higher protein, lower sugar, or fewer calories. The product is simply named Oil Spray, and it is just canola oil, providing your typical sort of nutrition breakdown. In 10ml of the spray, you get 9g of fat with absolutely no sugar, carbohydrates, or protein for a calorie count of 81.

ESN’s Oil Spray is a creative alternative to ordinary canola oil spray due to the format it’s been produced in. The intriguing twist is that every spray has a volume limit in that a single press pumps out a precise serving that has only two calories, which is about a quarter of a milliliter. This is pretty much identical to what fellow German supplement company Rocka Nutrition did years ago with its two-calorie Bake & Cook Spray.

There is a bit of a sale currently running on ESN’s direct-to-consumer online store where a bottle of Oil Spray is discounted from €5.90 down to €4.72 (5.14 USD) using the coupon code “FOOD”. The product will be rolling out to all of its usual stores in Germany and across Europe, but if you want it sooner rather than later, is the place to go, and you get plenty of servings a bottle with 800 of those two-calorie sprays.

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