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G Fuel remasters three very exclusive flavors for the legendary virtual pet website Neopets

G Fuel X Neopets Collaboration

G Fuel is certainly not a stranger when it comes to collaborations, regularly partnering with a massive variety of brands from all corners of the world for special edition flavors of its signature products, Energy and Hydration Formula. Despite pumping out more authentic collaborations than anyone else in any area of the supplement industry, the gaming specialist has continued to keep things interesting with its partnership products and has done so once again with its latest effort.

The ever-busy G Fuel has announced a collaboration with the legendary and nostalgic virtual pet website Neopets, which was created more than two decades ago, right before the turn of millennia. The game has amassed a giant following and fanbase over the years that now spans generations. G Fuel has teamed up with Neopets to create three special edition flavors, all for its signature supplement Energy Formula.

The flavors are the snow cone recipe Electric Blue Slushie, the cherry and pomegranate experience Cheops Slushie, and a raspberry lemonade option called Loveberry Slushie. Each of the flavors features a different species of Neopets alongside the Neopets logo, reinforcing the authentic collaboration. G Fuel is referring to these products as remastered flavors, meaning they are past releases that have been reworked and relaunched.

If you’re a fan of G Fuel or Neopets, and these are something you absolutely need to get your hands on, you’re going to have a tough time if you’re not attending this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. The products come in smaller than usual 15 serving tubs, not the full 40, and they’re exclusive to the Neopets booth at the San Diego Comic-Con that is going down this weekend. Basically, the convention is the one place you can get the G Fuel and Neopets flavors, and it’s only running until this Sunday.

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