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Introducing Genius Industries and its fat burner Super 23 from the reputable retailer The Lipo Guy

Genius Industries Super 23

The Lipo Guy is a popular sports nutrition retailer out of Australia that sells all sorts of brands, including Alpha Lion, Bucked Up, Chemix, Centurion Labz, and even some from outside of the US and Australia, such as Chemical Warfare and Chaos Crew. This year, The Lipo Guy is following the path a few other retailers have in the US and European markets and put together its very own house brand in Genius Industries.

Genius Industries has made its debut with a TGA-registered fat burner by the name of Super 23, combining a specific set of ingredients to enhance metabolism, increase energy, improve mental focus, and reduce bloating, all in the name of weight loss. The formula isn’t overly complex or the commonly seen kitchen sink approach, with a compliant and carefully selected set of components that synergistically work together for the goal of burning fat.

Genius Industries Super 23 1

Taking care of the energizing aspect of Super 23, Genius Industries has green tea and guarana to provide a combined 99mg of natural caffeine in a single tablet serving or 198mg in the maximum two-table serving. Alongside the caffeine sources is 300mg of levocarnitine in a full serving, 200mg of tyrosine for the promise of better focus and cognition, 60mg of vitamin B6 or niacin, 30mg of oxedrine, another name for synephrine, then lastly, 10mg of black pepper for better absorption of the ingredients.

The rules and regulations in Australia are incredibly strict for supplement companies manufacturing locally, and with Genius Industries coming from the same team as the well-established retailer The Lipo Guy, they know all about what they can do. The weight loss supplement Super 23 is available for purchase directly through the brand’s online store and The Lipo Guy website at $79.95 (53.47 USD) for a bottle of 30 maximum servings.