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Gold Nutrition adds an unflavored Neutral option to Energy Gel and its caffeinated spin-off

Gold Nutrition Unflavored Energy Gel And Plus Energy Gel

Gold Nutrition in Europe makes several functional products, some of them in a format we rarely see in North America with squeeze gels; in fact, we can’t remember the last time we saw a US supplement company in our space go that route. Either way, Gold Nutrition is no stranger to the convenient, on-the-go, squeeze-pack style, with several filling out its catalog, such as Hydra Energy Gel, Extreme Fluid Gel, and Long Lasting.

This month Gold Nutrition is showing some love to its original and simply named Energy Gel, combining a reliable source of carbohydrates and electrolytes for hydration as well as Boost Plus Energy Gel featuring carbs and electrolytes, plus an uplifting 106mg of caffeine for energy. The brand has added a new option to both of the compact gel pouches, and while typically, we’d call this a flavor extension, that’s not quite the case.

Gold Nutrition has indeed added to the menu of Energy Gel and Boost Plus Energy Gel, although it’s more like a lack of flavor, as the addition is an unflavored option called Neutral, where you simply get the taste of the ingredients. The flavor-free Energy Gel and Boost Plus Energy Gel are out now in the brand’s home country, including its online store, alongside two actual tastes for each product for those that prefer flavors in their gels.