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Gorilla Mind continues its fast pace into July and is dropping another three products this Monday

Gorilla Mind Teasing Mystery Three Items For July

One of the busier brands in the supplement industry this year has been Gorilla Mind, and if you’re one of the 1,000s of daily readers here at Stack3d, you’ll already know that very well. The sports nutrition company has pumped out more in the last six months than we’ve seen in previous years, not only entering the functional food space for the first time but also the energy drink market with its efficaciously dosed Gorilla Mind Energy.

As we get over the midway mark of the year and into the second half, Gorilla Mind is showing no signs of slowing down, and in the second week of July, it is teasing not one or two but three product drops for launch this coming Monday. To keep fans on their toes, excited, and guessing, it has shared a few details about those items, saying one is an all-new supplement, one is a reformulation, and the other is a battery-powered accessory.

With an already extremely extensive selection of supplements under its belt, many of them premium and specialized, we’re not confident enough to take any guesses at the completely new product or new and improved version. With only two days before all is revealed, we’re happy to wait for everything to be shared, although as for that battery-powered accessory, we have to imagine that is maybe an automatic shaker or handheld mixer.

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