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Slate Blue coming to Helimix’s ever-expanding selection of colors for its vortex shaker

Helimix Slate Blue

The premium and instantly recognizable shaker company Helimix, known for the iconic vortex shape of its bottles, is adding another color to the menu of its signature product. For those new to the shaker, it already has plenty of options to choose from, including classic colors like Black, White, Blue, Pink Yarrow, and Red, and some more vibrant and uncommon options like Cement Gray, Neon Green, Island Paradise, Coral, and Quicksand.

Joining the extensive array of colors for the Helimix shaker bottle is a light blue or sky blue design called Slate Blue, featuring a blue lid and a dark, semi-transparent black bottle. The product is going live on the brand’s website tomorrow in both of the shaker’s two sizes; the traditional 28oz and the more compact pre-workout suited 20oz. The price of the bottles is more on the premium side, with the 28oz at $24.95 and $1 less for the 20oz.

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