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Introducing India’s recently rebranded and expanding Repfuel Sports

Introducing Repfuel Sports India

Repfuel Sports is a supplement company out of India that stepped up its game about a year ago, rebranding its entire selection of products with a much more modern and eye-catching design, as seen in the images above and below. The sports nutrition scene is growing rapidly in India thanks to reputable names being imported into the country, but more importantly, many brands within the region are developing quickly.

The branding and marketing of Repfuel Sports definitely brought it up a level, although it also has a great selection of supplements spanning all sorts of categories, making it well worth checking out. The brand claims to regularly third-party test its products to ensure fans and followers get what’s on the label in the bottle, whether that be in its variety of protein powders or more complex offerings like its pre-workout Bonfire.

Introducing Repfuel Sports India

The formulas Repfuel Sports as well as most other brands in India put into their supplements, aren’t supremely advanced, which is not too surprising considering the average price of competitors in these categories. Repfuel’s pre-workout Bonfire, for example, costs ₹1,560 (18.99 USD) for 30 servings of 100mg each of theobromine and green tea, just over 200mg of caffeine, 3.5g of pure citrulline, a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, 500mg of taurine, 200mg of theanine, ginseng, and black pepper.

Once again, the combination of ingredients and dosages brands in India put into their supplements aren’t overly complex, but at the prices they’re shooting for and selling at, they’re more than reasonable. You can check out Repfuel in more detail over on its website, where you’ll find all of its many different products, such as Whey In, the gainer Swole, the amino cocktail Enhanced, and the fairly well-rounded stimulant pre-workout Bonfire.