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Learn all about the fast-growing and well-put-together Live Evolved at the Stack3d Expo

Live Evolved At The 23 Stack3d Expo

Live Evolved is a relatively young and growing sports nutrition company that started as a house brand by a retailer but has quickly become a name all on its own with some respectably put-together supplements. Live Evolved has joined us for this year’s Stack3d Supplement Expo, presented by KSM-66, and is doing all it can to further spread awareness of its name and lineup, which currently covers four popular categories.

Taking care of its representation in the pre-workout space, Live Evolved has the well-rounded and NooLVL-infused Phasic; then you have the stackable and more pump-focused Vessel reinforced with a full effective dose of Nitrosigine. The other half of the brand’s selection is the equally comprehensive and packed-out nootropic Cerebrum for gaming, work, and general productivity, and lastly, the sleep aid, simply named Sleep.

Live Evolved runs through most of its reliably effective supplements over on its page in the East Hall at the Stack3d Supplement Expo and also has a section for industry individuals. In an effort to expand its distribution network, the brand has a few quick lines targeted towards retailers, highlighting that Live Evolved is growing and available to brick-and-mortar retailers across the country and presumably internationally as well.

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